Make an Angell Appointment

Please contact Angell's Client Liaisons directly to schedule an appointment for the following services:

Available in Boston and Waltham:

Avian and Exotics or 617 989-1561
Cardiology or 617 541-5038
Internal Medicine or 617-541-5186
Neurology or 617-541-5140
Surgery or 617-541-5048

Available only in Boston:

Behavior or 617-989-1520
Dentistry or 617-524-5643
Dermatology or 617 524-5733
General Medicine or 617-522-7282
Nutrition or 617-541-7282
Oncology or 617 541-5136
Ophthalmology or 617-541-5095
Pain Medicine or 617 541-5140

For all other services, please contact Angell Animal Medical Center at (617) 522-7282.

For a complete list of appointment hours by specialty, please visit