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REFERRING VETERINARIANS: We value our referring partners, and the trust that you place in Angell when referring your clients. We understand that communication is an important part of this relationship and encourage you to contact our specialty services with any questions or requests. Our dedicated specialists regularly collaborate to ensure the best care possible for your patients. A paramount part of this care is clear, compassionate, and prompt communication with our referring clinicians and clients. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your support and referrals.

COURTESY CONSULTS: If you would like to have a courtesy consult with one of our specialists, please use the direct contact information below.

REFERRALS TO MSPCA-ANGELL WEST IN WALTHAM: Please use the same referral phone/fax numbers for the Boston and Waltham locations. If you would like to reach the Waltham front desk, you may call 781-902-8400.  

*Services highlighted in red are available in both Boston and Waltham as of 2/3/14.

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General Referral

Eleanor Cousino 617-522-5011 617-989-1635
Anesthesia Kim Swank 617-541-5048 617-989-1660 Online Form
Avian & Exotic* Alison Medlar
617-989-1561 617-989-1668 Online Form
Behavior* Michalla Bishop 617-989-1520 617-989-1627 Online Form
Casey Bruno  617-541-5038 617-989-1653 Online Form
Dentistry Michael Johnson 617-524-5643 617-989-1636 Online Form
Dermatology Casey Bruno 617-524-5733 617-989-1613 Online Form
Diagnostic Imaging Eleanor Cousino 617-541-5139 617-989-1617

Please download, print and send with images:
* Diagnostic Imaging Referral Form

Please fax:
* Outpatient Abdominal Ultrasound Referral Form - Boston

* Outpatient Abdominal Ultrasound Referral Form - Waltham

Emergency* 24x7

Emergency Desk
617-522-5011 617-989-1633 Please print and fax
Internal Medicine*

Cathy  Reid

617-541-5186 617-989-1657 Online Form
Neurology Lisa Canale 617-541-5140 617-989-1666 Online Form
Nutrition Eleanor Cousino 617-522-5011 617-989-1635 Online Form
Oncology Alison Medlar
617-541-5136 617-989-1668 Online Form
Ophthalmology Rachael Donnelly
617-541-5095 617-989-1647 Online Form
Pain Medicine Lisa Canale 617-541-5140 617-989-1666 Online Form
Anatomic and Clinical
Laboratory Staff 617-541-5014 617-522-7356 Sample Submission Forms:
cytology, histopathology, and clinical pathology
Surgery* Kim Swank 617-541-5048 617-989-1660 Online Form

*Behavior appointments are available in Waltham upon request

If you wish to fax back the referral form to the appropriate service secretary, please download the form here

Please note: Referrals that are emailed will only be acted upon during the following business hours Monday-Friday, 7:30am - 4:00pm. If you are referring a client on holidays, nights or weekends you will need to fax the referral form.